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lionel A sibanda from Zimbabwe message

lionel A sibanda from Zimbabwe message
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wow!!this is epic.i mean you do not find opportunities like these lying around in our days and if it is it would be fake.I am so happy that i made it in your competition,it has been a wish that has always stayed in dreamland but now it can be made true through your company CAR FROM JAPAN.For a moment it really surprised me but i just though ”let me try my luck” and i like to believe if i win the car i can reach as many people through my testimony as i will spread the news nation wide.Its just a matter of being awarded the gift of winning and i promise to take up the challenge to advertise CAR FROM JAPAN to all ears open.In Zimbabwe people mostly buy or import cars from Beforward and there is no doubt about that so having me as your winner like i have been saying your company will get well known and for this amazing FREE give away i promise you customers by your door be quite hornest i knew Beforward and now that you have shown your kindness through this wonderful promotion i’m getting the sense that CAR FROM JAPAN also need to be know.Its not like CAR FROM JAPAN is uknown totaly but it does not have much customers from Zimbawe as they favour your rival Beforward.Havn’t said much about advertising your brand i also think that i can be a winner through the belief CAR FROM JAPAN has just given me,so i just believe this essay will put me in your top 5 list of winners. To add on,a car from CAR FROM JAPAN would be amazing because of the good quality i have whitnessd here in Zimbabwe. Of course your Japanese are used cars but they still come in handy and look as if they were new. CAR FROM JAPAN has cars like any other company but its not everyday a car is sold and for your cars they have been ruled out of use in your country so it would be a great honour for CAR FROM JAPAN to award me with a Japanese used car as it will increase the image of your company,loose the stock kept and would be a very blessed thing to do as some of us do not have the finances to buy a new or used vehicle therefore CAR FROM JAPAN has a very special eye and heart for its customers and its potential customers that have now put myself in the list. I have never written such a long commentary but today i feel it is worth it as i have woke up in the night exactly 3.55AM to write this and give credit to CAR FROM JAPAN in complimenting on the this once in a lifetime promotin of giving away a Japanese used car for free. Therefore in summary CAR FROM JAPAN must pick me as i will …
1.advertise CAR FROM JAPAN nation wide and boost your clients
2.stand as a testimony that CAR FROM JAPAN is the right platform to buy a Japanese used car
3.written a long narrative essay in complimenting CAR FROM JAPAN
Now i also think CAR FROM JAPAN is very generous and think highly of the team working there and that you conduct a very good business there.
I now have a better view showing that CAR FROM JAPAN is not just a car selling company but a company that also puts the customer first before everything else.With that said i ask that i win my SUBARU B4 as it has been a long dream that has been finally been brought to life by CAR FROM JAPAN and i am very happy that i am going to receive it as your winner.
I shall be waiting for your response in the days to come and watching my email..if i can add can the car come BLACK IN COLOUR,GOOD STERIO SYSTEM, AND I KNOW EVERY THING ELSE WILL BE IN ORDER AS YOUR COMPANY ‘CAR FROM JAPAN” sends quality products.

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