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Linda Mureti from Kenya message

Linda Mureti from Kenya message
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I have always envied Japanese with their lifestyle ever since I was going and plan to someday visit this great nation. I desire and believe I should be as a winner being a loyal and deeply in love with Japan and their cars to add in.

A car from Japan is reliable with a reasonable amount of Car and service offered. The cars are reported to clock up to 200,000 or 300,000 miles before major repair required.

Both new and used Japanese cars are of high quality due to strict quality tests set by Japanese government.

The Japanese cars are known for being better fuel efficiency which saves one money for fuel used every now and then.

The Japanese used and new cars have value for money and this is because the cars do not depreciate as fast as American or European vehicles.

With this few remarks I believe and trust I qualify to be picked as the winner and shine big with Japanese Car whether new or used .

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