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Linda Beaton from Canada message

Linda Beaton from Canada message
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Dear Lan, It is so exciting to participate in this contest to perhaps win a car! I have searched for my preferred JAPANESE USED CAR and found that the results came up quickly and there was also a good choice of cars in a variety of price ranges…then I went on to search more makes and models and found the same great results! It seems like you have access to a very large and quality inventory! 13,000+ listings is a LOT of cars! It would certainly be an honor to win and be able to say, when people ask me where I got the car (We’re partial to the Nissan brand because of quality and great resale value.), that it came directly from CAR FROM JAPAN. I am working hard to share the contest for referral points also and capitalize on the extra points awarded through completing various other tasks such as writing this message to you! I love that the contest engages the entrants by allowing each of us to see our own ranking. That really helps us to see the fruits of our labors in close to real time! Thank you for offering this wonderful contest and best of luck to your business and all the people who decide to enter and participate. Choosing me as one of the winners will make a larger percentage of the approximately 35.81 million people who call Canada home aware of your company and what it can offer to anyone looking to purchase a CAR FROM JAPAN! ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

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