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Lilian Muchungi from Kenya message

Lilian Muchungi from Kenya message
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Because i believe Japan is the home of Toyota. Toyota is my dream car. I come from the hills and no other car can make it on such a Terran. My late father liked Toyota and this was passed on to me. The nature of my work includes travelling alot through out the country. I have admired since the vehicle that i use is a landcruser owned by the organisation and it helps me very much even when it is raining. The spares are easy to get and readily available, it is the only model that different people can use without much stress since it take care of all groups of people, the rich, middle class and the lower class. Toyota is the only company that has lived for years since i was born. They have different models which certifys and meets the needs of all. Thanks to Toyota, it is here to stay. It connotes a sense of gratitude and promotes the respectful use of resources since it is environmentally friendly. It is the only model that can be renewed and upgraded to a newer model. Toyota is the only company that has recognized that nature need help by manufacturing vehicles which are environmental friendly. I would therefore appreciate toyota. Thanks

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