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Leking William Kipacha from Tanzania message

Leking William Kipacha from Tanzania message
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Dear Lan Phan,
Chief Marketing Officer,

Please refer to the heading above.

I’m glad to be one of the candidates applying to win a Car from your company. It is a great chance and I believe that am going to win.

Car from Japan is one of the bestbest car’s selling in both Japan and the world at Large.
I should first appreciate all the products from Japan especially cars and other ironic materials. Tanzanians believe much that materials from Japan are of the high quality and that they last longer. The used to say in Swahili that “Mashine ya Kijanapan ni noma,hakunaga” that simply means “Machines of Japanese made are really good, never ever seen”.
This made them have the faith and trust of materials ordered from Japan. Once you tell anybody that something is from Jaoan,his/her willing to have it rises at the time.

Secondly,Before I applied there were some of the steps that I followed to approve if Car from Japan Co. Ltd is a legitimate Company. I first had an investigation if it is the membee of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Associatio (JUMVEA) and I found that it is the member!
Then,I observed that Car from Japan Co Ltd is the Safe Trade Member that it ensures the safety of your money. This gave me more hope and willing to apply.

My investigation didn’t end there rather I took my eye on the products (cars and trucks) to be exported to the buyers and found that they are of the high quality and of affordable price. The prices of the cars are very friendly to the buyers eespecially people from Tanzania. Every person could get the car of his/her type according to the budget! This provides more choices to the buyers.

I approved to the maximum that Car From Japan Ltd is the best car dealer that everyone should trust to order the car!

I then took my time to add my details that were requested the confirmed my email address and Started sharing my link to invite others on this competition.
It is my hope that I will win either the car or the coupon and hence become the ambassador of Car From Jaoan Ltd in Tanzania.

Rather,if I wont win still will convince many people that whenever they are ineed of used cars then they should order from Car From Japan Ltd because it one of the best choices a person could ever make.

I would like to appriciate my thanks to the whole team of Car From Japan Ltd especially the Chief Marketing Officer for the better and untired efforts to make sure that Car from Japan Ltd has get accross the whole world and hence let it be the number one Used Cars Dealers in Asia,Africa and the world at large.
Wish you all the best in looking for the best candidates to win the prizes provided and other daily activities.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

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