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Kwiri Michael from Uganda message


I believe i can win a CAR FROM JAPAN Because of the love i have for Japanese used cars .
First of all this company’s cars are all over the world.
It’s very easy to tell someone how there cars are good because u can easily see any and give as an example.
Though i don’t own one cause of my financial stand but i have driven quite a number of Japanese cars from my friends and they are really good for me and i usually recommend other people to buy them.
CAR FROM JAPAN is the only company that sells used cars and they look as if they are new.that fact alone is enough to convince someone to buy a used car from Japan.
cars from Japan are friendly via fuel, the spair parts are easy to find and the cars are affordable (not expensive).
Cars from Japan are very comfortable and very stable on the road.
Japanese cares are also friendly to our African roads because they are strong and durable,of which i believe it’s the same case with other countries.
I do believe a car from Japan is an essential to human being in what ever one is planning to do.
So i think i will win and prove to my people that Japanese used cars are the best and be the one to represent CAR FROM JAPAN in the whole world.
I will assure the world that Car from Japan is the only company that provides secure and none hidden costs because all there cars are having costs and that makes it easier for one to choose his /her option.

NB:- I really want to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for the big opportunity they have granted to people like us who can’t afford money to buy a car, At least we can try our luck by participating in this competition. Thank you so much Car From Japan. Though i don’t go through, i will be happy knowing there people who really think about the well being of others. My the will of God be done. I believe God will answer my prayers and i be the one to stand as Japan used car winner and i promote Japan in Africa.

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