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Kuretta Gott from USA message

Kuretta Gott from USA message
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Car from Japan im a sngle mother in serious need of a car I know Japanese cars are very good,reliable and I always had a thing for Jetta’s sense I was 16 yrs old I have to c kids we depend on me to get them back and forth to work I’m can’t afford to get a car or have a car payment.i have no family here in Tx ,it’s just me and my kids the car I’m driving now has a lot of issues,and I been having it sense 2004 which is a lot time and I have a lot of miles on this car I’m struggling to keep getting it fix and it’s always something after I fix something and I have doctor’s appt I need to get to and my car isn’t always reliable so I feel like this would be a blessing for me and my kids to get a new car hope you know how grateful and happy y’all would make me by choosing me . Thank you cars from Japan.

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