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Kundai from Zimbabwe message

Kundai from Zimbabwe message
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I am glad to have been introduced to CAR FROM JAPAN a platform to trade Japanese used cars. It is an honor being part of such an initiative and thank you for the welcoming message. I believe in working for the betterment of oneself and other people at large thus being affiliated to or being a representative for a sponsor and brand that has a founding spirit of enriching lives by ensuring customer satisfaction will be my greatest honor. Testimonies have shown that the kind of work you do speaks for its self as you provide quality affordable and satisfactory products and services.

On top of the vehicle being of great assistance to me in different ways as I have always wished based on personal needs, I have come to realize that, there is a lot of Japanese used car competition coming from Japan where there are a lot of companies advertising and selling vehicles internationally. This being the case more effort in marketing a brand will do any business good. Therefore by me wining the competition (car or other), it will create room for interest from the greater Zimbabweans and other fellow countries in both the “Sponsor and CAR FROM JAPAN” brands specifically, making me a brand ambassador beyond competition life span. This intern will increase the customer base for both entities.

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