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Kristofina Tamukondjo Amalwa from Namibia message

Kristofina Tamukondjo Amalwa from Namibia message
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I am really glad to be part of this competition and I believe that I have joint the correct completion at the right time that I have been waiting for so long. being part of this is not from our own desire but is God who created this opportunity because he is our creator and I really thank the Chief Marketing Officer for coming up with this ideal. Winning this car it will be a big miracle to me and to our Namibian nation and it will motivate people to take part in whatever competition they find and it will create more desire to buy and support the government of Japan by buying cars in your country. It will also put a good record an history to your country as well as to my country too. I always heard about the Jan Japan cars and I always wish to buy my own Jan Japan car one day and Luckily my God heard my prayer and answered me. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer and may God bless Japan.

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