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Kevin Wairoma from Kenya message

Kevin Wairoma from Kenya message
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I have forever wanted to be a car owner since I was very young and my dad not able to own a car made my desire to be an owner unshakable, I recently got my drivers’ license but it has been so dormant and I would like to action it , I have done researches on prices on the cheapest importers and thats how I landed on Car from Japan, I have marketed the site to my colleagues though am not sure how many have imported with you yet, Recently, our banking laws have been reviewed and now we do not have access to personal unsecured loans anymore, which I had hoped to qualify for to facilitate finances for my dream first car Volkswagen Golf Variant. I really hope to win and join the various car owners around and also to prove a point to many of the doubting thomases who do not believe seeing me drive a car my entire life. Thank you for this opportunity to try and be a car owner with little effort.

Kind regards
Kevin Wairoma

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