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Keri L Smith from USA message

Keri L Smith from USA message
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Well, this is my first time entering a sweepstakes and I happen to have come across this specific giveaway through a Google search. I was searching because one of my roommates has just recently moved here to Alabama from California and has finally gotten a car, but it’s not working anymore. To fix his current vehicle it will cost him around $3,000 and I don’t think the old, beat up car is worth the cost of a working car from here. With his credit score being so awfully low and working so many hours as a cook at a Japanese restaurant, I thought it would might be extremely hard for him to buy a car new or used at a dealership due to the price and equally as hard to buy from an individual since he only has one off day a week and we do not know how the car was treated. So, I figured that if I could win a car then I could give it to him as a gift. Not only is Car From Japan giving me a chance to enter to win a free car they are also letting me pick from a GIANT selection. What could be better than giving my roommate a free car for his birthday than giving him the car of his dreams for FREE, which is listed in the preferred car section!

I just came across Car From Japan today and I think that the selection is amazing! Even in the Japanese used car area. There were makes I have never even heard of before! Not to mention there were models of makes I am familiar with that I had never heard of, too! Car From Japan has models that I can’t find on the original models’ websites to even look at and I think that makes this an incredibly unique site! I also browsed through some of the cars listed here and while looking at the prices of the Japanese used cars, I could not help but think that this might be the BEST place to look at buying a car from. Especially with the credit score and time that my roommate has. I think him buying a car from this site would make the search for a car go so much easier and be less time consuming for him. The best part is that the prices on everything are much better than I thought they would have been.

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