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kensley francis from St. Lucia message

kensley francis from St. Lucia message
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Thanks CAR FROM JAPAN the number on Japanese used car dealer for allowing me this opportunity to take par in this awesome competition. I do hope that my entry emerges victorious. Thank you to your sponsors for supporting this event as it will only make your company, CAR FROM JAPAN, stand out from the other car dealers or exporters out there. I have browsed your site and I must say that I am very impressed with the top quality vehicles available for sale. The pictures show every detail whether it be minor scratches or dents on the vehicles. It’s like seeing the vehicles in person.If I am chosen to be a winner in this competition, i know that it will surely make my Christmas a lot more enjoyable as I would be able to drive to my parents home and also drive them around to see friends and family members. This win will also ensure that I will be able to traverse to and from work in a more timely manner thus being more punctual for work. This will help secure my place a reliable employee and flexible too as i would then be in a position to work later shifts when the need arises. Recently, we suffered the wrath of a Tropical Storm and the Public Transport System was shut down completely. It was very challenging for me to get to work to assist my Department in their recovery efforts and also to help ensure that we can service the other Departments that rely on our line of work. I trust in the quality of service delivered by your company “CAR FROM JAPAN CO LTD”. Its a brand that even the sponsors can be proud of as there are no bad comments on the site to show otherwise. Once again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity CAR FROM JAPAN!

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