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Kenneth Kabaso from Zambia message

Kenneth Kabaso from Zambia message
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Good question, I think why i should be picked as a winner is because i love cars and it would be a very big privilege for me to own a car that will not only be a benefit for me but even the charity home i race for. My hobbies are Drifting and Motorsport, i use my talent to help less privileged people in my community. This prize would really help me achieve many of my goals.

secondly i think this initiative by CAR FROM JAPAN is a very good program because, not only will it grow the customer base for CAR FROM JAPAN but it is also a very great opportunity to empower people around the world especially people in Africa like myself. This program will not only end after the competition but it will be something that will be remembered many years to come and whoever the winners and hopefully me included will sell a good word about the company.

Best Regards
Kenneth Kabaso

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