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kennedy mwngi karaya from Kenya message

kennedy mwngi karaya from Kenya message
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As saying goes” the car ahead of you is from japan “you have more than proved to be efficient in your product delivery ,the term quality is not enough to describe car from Japan for dominance in the World road network speak it all keep up the good work.competition world wide has been magnificent but you have not been left behind your stars continue shining and outdoing all the competitors in the market.Your brains goes beyond measure,the accuracy of your engineering shout to the highest voice ,it would be a great pleasure to be the most special partner in celebrating your innovations which not even the queen language can define.Here in Kenya world Japan cars is a household name ,your presence in Kenya has contributed to almost more than 50% of in terms of economy growth.Kenyans are making a livelihood out of the good word work which has hit each an every corner of the nation.we are able to make to our job places in time courtesy of japan innovation ,lives are saved courtesy of Japan engineering ,fire fighting has been made easier courtesy of Japan Innovation.Words may not be enough to speak changes development that you have brought to the entire World .Continue the good work ,i know as nations you have places to go and more innovations to make.

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