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Kellyann Lewis from St. Vincent message

Kellyann Lewis from St. Vincent message
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Car from Japan , Japanese used car.i live far from the main road,an where am living here, there is no passenger van vehicle,so it’s very hard for us in the village to walk this long journey with our grocery an our kids,an some of them don’t even want to walk,i does be so tired much less to our I really love to be the one given the opportunity to win a van so I could serve my community with a Toyota van ,the whole village will be excited an benefit from an my husband have a valid driver’s license an we are planning to buy a van,but we can’t buy one right now,because of our mortgage loan, so we have to wait until we finish pay off for it an that wouldn’t be right had a van but it got into an accident and the guy didn’t come back out on the road so after that it’s not easy,we are out of transportation for about a year husband isn’t always around to help me because of his job ,an my 3 year + son is very weighty for his age an don’t like to walk,so it does really be stressful for me,an our church building is far from us as well , an we don’t have a church van anymore neither,there is people who stop goes to church because of no transportation to carry them the long journey an it have very high hills,it is very painful to see that but I believe that God will work a miracle for me an the people of Simon to driving a car from Japan,is the best thing that could ever happened to you , because they are the best Japanese vehicle for you.thank you for your kind consideration .

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