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kate from Kenya message

kate from Kenya message
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Hi this is the second time I am applying…last time I was not picked am not losing hope..I believe my luck is on its way especially now that I have a daughter ..having tried before and failed am back to try my luck once again..and more to the reason why u should pick me it’s because I will be an ambassador here in Kenya to promote ur brand once I get the car or the gifts everyone will get tired of hearing about the news from me..IN Kenya most cars that are used are from Japan soo I believe that if ur cars are being purchased then they are very good that’s is reason enough to view a car from Japan as of good quality and long add up to this I av never owned a car in my life am used to walking or moving with a local bus we call them matatu..if I win I will be very proud and I can’t even imagine the excitement..atleast I will learn how to drive and be driving my daughter to clinic or school.pliiiz car from Japan upgrade my life and help me owe a car for once in my life…thank you…fingers crossed plus I would really love a Japanese used car..

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