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Katarina Bukvic from Greece message

Katarina Bukvic from Greece message
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The reason why you should pick me as winner is simple, i want it and need it.
I am a student who lives in Belgrade but my university is in Novi Sad, so i have to travel back and forth almost every week. That is not hard,but i am sick of traveling by train. Train ride takes two hours but car ride would take one hour,maybe hour and fifteen minutes. That would save me so much time and money. Getting a car would be a dream come true,because i am not able to afford one myself. Also i know my father would be extremly happy if we get a car. He doesn’t know how to live without a car, and currently he is having some car troubles. I don’t want this to be a sob fest,but me winning this car would kind of save my family. Winning a car would mean that we can sell old one and get some money to pick us up. Please,be kind and choose me. I want it and need it. So CAR FROM JAPAN,pick me as a winner. If you do it you will also give my family a reason to travel. Our nearest port is in Greece,so we will have to get to Greece in order to get the car. It would be a double win. 😀
Thank you for this opportunity CAR FROM JAPAN,you are AMAZING! Hope i will hear from you soon! Cheers guys! 😀

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