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Karen Kettlewell from Canada message

Karen Kettlewell from Canada message
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Dear Lan Phan:
I would like to be picked as a winner! I think this is a wonderful campaigns to gift a car .I Think Japan has always given the automotive industry of the world lots of great, fast and high quality cars. “Japanese used car designs To show pride in Japanese culture, its history and aspirations. I appreciate the value and dedication and honour put into the detail and production of each car from Japan produced . I would be proud and it would be a honour in my family to have such a gift as this . I have just retired from taking care of both parents. Gave my old car to my struggling divorcing daughter. My father has just passed away. My mother thinking of nursing home. She wants to sell her car, and house to afford expenses of nursing home. I have been driving her car for both of us to survive hospital visits and to do the groceries because I am also on disability. I am not a computer wizard on social media sorry .. on hoping of a chance of competition can only pray to just apply and participate . I have phone, and old fashioned ,but need to communicate by email. I have Lost contact with my. circle of friends now since my father had got sick with cancer, and chronic lymphatic lukeimia, and diabetes. Family is important, father has just passed away we r mourning our loss…
I only have family I communicate with now. I would like to win Japan car to continue Visiting my family . Everyone has moved around grown up with young families . I am a very proud mother, grandmother and daughter of my surviving mother now. I don’t know how to commute By busy city .. very scared ! I only would maybe taxi cause I live in the country and I won’t b able to afford it ! This when my mom sells the car.. I fear on disability I can’t afford a car.. and now I am going to have to consider moving… the make of “Car From Japan” can be of your choosing … I would be forever grateful and thankful forever.. the competition is hard on me as I don’t know how to get involved with the facebook Computer world . I prefer to go visit with my family or call them ..Family is important . Taking care of my family .My children very close to my heart help me to understand this website I thank them very much to help me.Again If you pick me as a Winner I can continue to be a good daughter to my mother . I can be a good mother to my daughter in woodbridge Ontario Canada who has Crohnes disease and has two little boys my grandsons . I could travel 2 hours away to go see her and help her too which I pray also I could help her too. I could help my other two daughters the one getting divorced with one son . And go visit my other daughter with her son and daughter too. A vehicle is very important and your Japan vehicles are highly known and praised by all I would surely be blessed to receive such a magnificent gift as this.
I can only hope that with all the odds against me with this points system requested to compete that luck of family needs and life needs may prevail..
I Hope that hearing a single voice of need may bend a ear.
Even requesting a number of words of expectation is hard when u only can speak as much As the heart needs to .
Your company has reached out to many in need of a great gift. Luxury is very hard to come by and never to be take advantage of. You are very very good people! I thank you in advance for even the thought or dream of having such a suggestion of a gift to anyone is amazing..
I wish good luck to all.. but I would honoured and grateful to u and company to be picked as a winner and represent Car From Japan vehicle as your kindness here in Canada.

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