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Kamogelo Goitse Mothibi from Botswana message

Kamogelo Goitse Mothibi from Botswana message
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Greetings beloved!
Firstly let me thank you for this opportunity to be part of your home at CAR FROM JAPAN.

For years JAPANESE USED CARS have been a financial backbone in almost all automobile busineses world wide. Towns, cities and villages depend on these cars either for personall use and/or for business. From small cars to trucks, these cars have been useful.

In almost all the African Countries,people look up to CAR FROM JAPAN for transport. And for this reason i commend CAR FROM JAPAN for taking time to hear WHAT ITS CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THEM.

I haver owned a car in my life,but i have driven JAPANESE USED CARS and there is not comform greater than the comfort in these cars. So my intension is not just to win a car, but my dream is to own a car from CAR FROM JAPAN and also be part of the happy community of customers who own JAPANESE USED CARS.

Reputable bussinesses around the world would use celebrities for advertising and marketing ther products and services,but it is a lovely feeling to be valued as a customer. For this reason i want to than CAR FROM JAPAN for using its high/ middle/ low class customers in marketing and advertising its products. Its not every company that realises the imporyance of the customers they have, all that most companies and bussineses want is to sell and make money, buy JAPANESE USED CARS wants to see their customers happy and this is what will keep us coming.

There may be a few people in all CAR FROM JAPAN bussiness areas, who say JAPANESE USED CARS are not nice, but i believe they are entitled to their own views as human, but they should know that, the same cars with big names that they want and always see being driven by big bussinessmen in their countries,they may be coming from JAPAN.

If i had resources to open an automobile shop in BOTSWANA i would, but since i have internet and a phone, i will use them to get people to know about JAPANESE USED CARS and their worth and value to our lives.

If i was picked as a winner, it would be a testimony to the world,that CAR FROM JAPAN is for all life classes (high, middle and low class). And i would also be happy to help advertise JAPANESE USED CARS even more.

Thank you again for being part of the lives of people and for making a difference!

Love you all and please send my love and regards to your families!

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