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Kameisha Browning-Akinwumi from Jamaica message

Kameisha Browning-Akinwumi from Jamaica message
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My husband and I drive an old 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback…We try to make it work for us as we work an hour away from each other. So I always have to wait an extra hour for him to pick me up. We have been having problems with acceleration and some loud noise whenever the gear is switched…Our car; although old, moves better now and the loud gear sound is gone. This was after I saw the informative post by CAR FROM JAPAN on facebook about “Transmission Fush”. I have spent so much until CAR FROM JAPAN informed me.(Saved Me)
CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me because I have been sharing this experience with a lot of people I know…especially mechanics.
Also, picking me would be a blessing and a huge upgrade and solution to our transportation problem.

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