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KALENDE GEORGE from Kenya message

KALENDE GEORGE from Kenya message
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Say something nice!Hullo Lan Khan, I extend my sincere appreciation for having given me an opportunity to participate in the Car giveaway summer competition which I have a lot of enthusiasm to win I’m going to share this Link with many friends so that I can be able to accumulate on my points which can lead me to a win.It is also an opportunity to the Japanese used car company to market their products globally, which Will bring in more customers, hence a very healthy income not only to the company but to the entire country.The Japanese cars have caught the global market because of the high technology that has been put in them, their durability, easy to maintain, availability of spare parts, stability on upcountry roads and affordability.It is because of the above reasons that I advise whoever wants to purchase a car should not wander elsewhere but just point the campus to Japan and you Will get a Car of your choice. I remain yours,
Kalende George

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