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JUSTINE PAYOVELA from Tanzania message

JUSTINE PAYOVELA from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan; I swear to the almighty God….If i Got this car,it will help my community members who will be in need for emergence transport to hospital because in our country,the people suffering from extreme poverty. People loose their life in fact that they fail to attend to the hospitals on time when they are sick due to the problem of transport facilities. Japanese used car will be the solution for the problem in our village. Apart from that, I will be ready to work with Car From Japan as an agent or otherwise so as to expand our market in Tanzania as well as throughout the world. I’ll use all my capability to ensure that CAR FROM JAPAN be the most successful used car importation company in our country (Tanzania). I know in Tanzania there is high demand of used cars due to the economic capability of the Tanzanians (they are not able to buy new cars) but there is competition of the companies dealing with the importation of used cars, by noticing that; CAR FROM JAPAN need people like me to insure that we promote our company bt providing education to the people concerning with our company and by the way I’m a teaching carrier Student. I know well how to pass knowledge to the people which i hope will make our Car From Japan great forever. I mostly thanks you by giving us the chance to participate in this summer car giveaway 2016, any one can win!! Even if I’ll not win,I’m interested to work with you….. I wish you all the best.
Your sincerely
Justine Payovela
Student; Mkwawa university college of education (MUCE); Tanzania
2nd year,
Programme: Bachelor of arts with education (BAEd)

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