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Junias from Namibia message

Junias from Namibia message
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I Junias J wish to be your lucky winner more because I support international trade and integration. Through such support I came to understand that quality will not bee seen if we do not take care of the products. I say this Because I witnessed critics about Japanese product. I was not discouraged all. Instead, I educated my peers on Japanese products. Giving them general examples. Such as, you can buy a Crockett and Jones.shoe from Street house, while I buy John Drake from Edgars. With the price differences, CJ will wear and torn first if not taken care of. So the vice versa is correct, a fancy car will get to the scrap yard before a Toyota corrora if not taken care of. What will we then say? Should we say the CJ or Corrora is of quality? Such things, maintenance is very important. I admire Japanese designs and offers. Japanese or you guys really understand most nations needs. You truly answered the long cry of The lower income group. Especially in Namibia. I am ready to ambassador your company in Namibia.

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