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JOTHAM NYONI from Zimbabwe message

JOTHAM NYONI from Zimbabwe message
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A car is not a luxury good but its a necessity that facilitates easy transportation of goods or travelling by one person from point A to B. In modern day Africa a car is a valuable asset. It uplifts one’s image(status) in society. It is also a form of wealthy. Whoever owns a car is thus regarded as a rich person. It does not matter where you live be it rural or urban area. In Zimbabwe the ownership of a motor vehicle was regarded as being specifically for the Whites and a few handful blacks. Nowadays the situation has changed because of the Japanese cars.
Thousands of Blacks nowadays do own cars in the Cities and therefore a town dweller becomes an envy of many rural folks. There are a few blacks who own cars in the communal areas(rarely functioning). A car helps a family to commute to and from work in the City. The residential areas in the cities are far away from the city and the industrial areas- thus it means a worker has to travel long distances to and from work if one does not have bus fare. This situation is worse off when it comes to rural folks. Commuting between point A and B in a rural setting is just a tedious experience. One must wake up at dawn and walk thousands of kilometres be it to school or work place. This happens on a daily basis. This situation also applies to the sick , who travel on foot to seek medical attention. Sources of water/shopping centres / clinics or sporting facilities are hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. Life is quiet tough for the rural populace. Transport is not readily availably assuming that one has the money to board a commuter transport. Those commuter transport are only available in the morning or later on in the evening – being a once off occurrence. If you miss it that day it means having to seek transport the following day that is if you happen to get the accommodation for that night. This is how transport challenges become a nightmare in the communal areas. The mere ownership of a car in a rural area becomes a blessing to the whole community. People within that community will be assisted greatly – going to the cities/clinics/schools etc becomes easier.

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