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Jotham Ncube from Zimbabwe message

Jotham Ncube from Zimbabwe message
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Japanese used cars are good reliable and dependable cars. all they need are careful drivers who will look after them just like one will do to any precious item in the house.they need careful driving always ,constant cleaning to dust away dust which creates rust,protection from the sun so that your paint last longer,protection of your dashboard through constant application of relevant prays. use of seat covers so that kids and other damaging objects do not damage your car .Such an asset is an investment and should be treated as one.
A car should also be protected from would be thieves. An alarm should be quickly be installed to scare away these people with no respect for other peoples property.Not only should you protect your car from thieves but also from your family members like kids ,they should know that there is a difference between a toy and a real car . A car is expensive to maintain and should be well looked after. It should be given respect as a family asset. Every member of the family depends on the car to go to work and in major cases to rush to the doctor when there is need, hence its importance.
A car is a family asset that should be well looked after by every family member.

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