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Josphat Kiunga from USA message

Josphat Kiunga from USA message
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I am delighted to be part of this great competition.Ever since my childhood,I have admired virtually everything made in Japan because their products are known to be very durable and long lasting.I love Japanese cars and I have always dreamt of acquiring a car made from Japan one day although so far I have not succeeded due to financial constraints and this is the reason why I am joining this race of trying my luck after I saw a friend of mine share the link via facebook. I sincerely feel confident that one day i will be able to acquire a Japanese- made car particularly honda,nissan or toyota irrespective of the outcome of this competition.I truly need one made from Japan to serve me well for many years to come with no or minor mechanical issues-a characteristic advantage of Japanese made cars over others.The Japanese-made cars are known to run good for many years.if i could be considered in this competition,my dream of acquiring a honda,nissan or toyota made from Japan will become a reality on my part and I won’t fail to find a way of promoting the great advancement in automobile industry by Japan-as I am doing now.I need a reliable car so I chosenJapanese-made model.May the light of luck shine on me as the competition continues.I remember working at Denso company in U.S for only 4 days ,two months ago in the printing department but I had to quit the job I liked due to lack of reliable means of transport and the distance from the area of residence to where the company is located in Maryville,Tennessee.I am still working hoping to get a good,reliable car particularly the ones i have mentioned earlier to enable me go to work without worrying about mechanical issues related to other cars not made from Japan.

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