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Joshua Francis Banda from Zambia message

Joshua Francis Banda from Zambia message
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Greetings to :
Car From Japan , The Chief Marketing Officer , Japanese Used Car and Both the entire management boards, including cooperate members.

I Joshua Francis Banda would like to say thanks to Japanese used car company in the following three (3) ways, before i get to my point.

  1. Thank you for exports cars to Africa and other parts of the world. This as made the standard of living in Zambian to improve very much in the recent years. It was difficult for Zambians to move.
    With the exporting of Japanese used cars, We Zambians are very happy as this contribute to economic development and the way of living in general.
  2. secondly, the exportation of Japanese used cars as strengthened the general partnership of the Zambia-Japan people. To add on, the Zambia-Japan partnership as helped the Zambia in National Development.
    3, Lastly, I say thank to every member who has contributed to the successful of this Car Competition.

I want to be picked as a winner in this Competition not only because i deserve to, but because this car will help me in my advertising businesses and in the process, i will and will be inviting & advertising Japanese Used Cars to more people around the globe . That is without fail even after the Competition reaches it’s end .

With this Car from Japan Competition coming hot, the problem of transportation will vanish, and the people around the globe will notice how good, strong and reliable Japanese Used Cars are.

The Car From Japan Competition as grown the interest of person in importing Japanese Used Cars, Making it the people’s best car exporter.


Thank You,


Joshua Francis Banda.


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