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Josh auto Wilcox from USA message

Josh auto Wilcox from USA message
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Well ive been dreaming about havimg a nice car for my 1st car i know im 18 and should already have a car but my family does not have much at all. We have been struggling on vehicles for quite some time now. I would love to win and cars that are imported from japan can really last long which is great. My family has not been with me since i was born which is really depressing. I was adopted by my parent or gaudian when i was 6 months old and never seen my parents ever again. But it doesnt bother me my real dad has died and i have never seen him and never will. But its all for the better i have a bright future ahead of me because of my guardian so ive decided to join the military. And thats my inspirational message yall have a good day.

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