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Josephy Sajiwa from Tanzania message

Josephy Sajiwa from Tanzania message
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  1. If CAR FROM JAPAN pick me as a winner, i want to assure you that you have chosen a right and best candidate which in further upon or without receiving the prize i will be your Ambassador to my Country Malawi. As am writing this mail it means am already a partner to your company. i want sell your brand to all corners of African country at large. I know CAR FROM JAPAN is a big company which have come on the market with a Bag, so if you take me as your Ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN, i will make a pressure to your company to open an office here in Malawi. some people are like Thomas deedem of the bible whom they believe by seen not hearing.

  2. I think Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN are the only cars with affordable price, durable, African road worth vehicle, with spares found everywhere here in Africa and world at large. When you bought a CAR FROM JAPAN your didn’t lose your money but getting what you want and fulfilling your dreams and not just a dream but also drive it. Not only the expression of these wonderful words that best describes this promotion but also am from a background of marketing and as i did my Business studies, i want to market the CAR FROM JAPAN AS A BRAND MASTER HERE IN MALAWI, and i don’t want to miss this opportunity. If I will be selected as a winer I can extensively run across my country and Africa at large with lots of influence in reaching out to masses to tell them the goodness of buying any kind of vehicle either domestic vehicle, of machinery from CAR FROM JAPAN, IF I GET ONE CAR FROM JAPAN, i will make my friends and my fellow workers to start buying there vehicle all the way from CAR FROM JAPAN only, Car from Japan are solid and Durable and every one around the world will still keep asking for more of its made. No body even the Government of any country will see them driving the CARS FROM JAPAN, the Politicians the college students, the elders and the young onces you will see hem driving Japanese used car and, who don’t prefer to be in the first seat of Japanese used car also not for its high make up quality and luxurious vehicles, i know the word used CAR FROM JAPAN or Japanese used car, its just the wording for the jealous people, but for me i take it even if its used it still looking brand new and with low mileage and its always new. why called Japanese used car since all things about it still looks new including the tyres, i have a friend who bought a CAR FROM JAPAN but its now 2 years without maintenance of any spare parts, its only servicing of oil, oil fitters, air cleaners, and refilling of coolant once in a while. He also uses the tyres that come together with the vehicle for 2 years as well, which describe that Japanese used car are made to stay and to help we the poor Africa and the world at large. You can not talk of any other car other than a Japanese used car of CAR FROM JAPAN can which has come to pay back what we pay. CAR FROM JAPAN are here to eradicate the poverty of costing in maintenance because everything there including accessories for the vehicles and spare parts are found. CAR FROM JAPAN is ONE STOP CENTER where you get everything for every vehicle at a give away price and everyone knows about this and its a fact.

I coated this message from you web, it appeared upon opened it, my question is that; is it true that that we can communicate with CAR FROM JAPAN using our vernacular language, ie here in Malawi we used CHICHEWA as our nation language, it means i can negotiate with CAR FROM JAPAN officials using my mother language as stated above. but if this is true, it means CAR FROMJAPAN you are the best of all, and i salute you for creating a platform for everyone regardless of the color, tribe, culture, sex or country of origin so that he/she can negotiate with CAR FROM JAPAN without having any problem with your company. Not all of us can manage to write or negotiate price with Japanese used car in English, but the way you have put it, it means JAPANESE USED CAR from CAR FROM JAPAN are the best of all.

Below is the message i coated from CAR FROM JAPAN WEB.

A global team does local business

At CAR FROM JAPAN, we are very proud of our multi-cultural team. We live in different timezones and can speak different languages. You would never have any problem communicating with us – there will always be someone who speaks your language. And even lives somewhere near you!
I will start negotiation using my country language.

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