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Joseph Wachira from Kenya message

Joseph Wachira from Kenya message
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I really need to win this competition. I have done my research and discovered cars from Japan mostly Toyota company releases cars which are durable and more strong. they save fuel which every person would like to buy a fuel saving car. these cars are more comfortable and very classic and more digital. you enjoy driving them. if I can get for myself it will be like my wish to invest in toyota company has come true.
in my lifetime am planning to set up a bussiness where i will be importing vehicles from Japan mostly Toyota because Japan cars are more marketable and you get customers easily. it will every type of car from Japan. you come as a customer and choose your best that suits you.
participating in this competition is really a great chance for me to start investing in Japan and a gate way for me to success of setting up a bussiness. I myself I love cars. I love driving cars. in this competition I will learn many tips about Japan cars and start another research on the parts of the vehicle and the places the cars can handle the weather. how fast the car can cover within a given time. how much fuel the car can use for the journey. but one thing I know about Japan cars is that they are pocket friendly. they save you a lot of money because cost of maintenance is very cheap.

it is an honor to be in this completion. I pray I win this round. God fulfill my wish Amen.

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