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JOSEPH MUNGAI from Kenya message

JOSEPH MUNGAI from Kenya message
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While visiting an old motor bazaar at the outskirt of our capital city Nairobi, my wife and I were astonished that we could not find a single affordable vehicle. The official apologised and explained that his bazaar import only four cars from Japan which are loved very much by Kenyans, and this sparse bazaar was in great demand, with waiting lists sometimes twenty to thirty names long!
It’s easy to forget that cars are prohibitively expensive in economically struggling countries. The door to economic prosperity remains closed for many, and knowledge of cars, as the luxury of world happy families and information exchange, may be the key to that door.
I will be grateful if I receive your donation of new or used car especially a Toyota axio or virtually any model will open the door of eager future car owner.
It’s not enough to remember the less fortunate in thought alone. Let’s remember them by our deeds! FOR OUR COUNTRY KENYA IS IN LOVE WITH JAPANESE USED CARS!!

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