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Jonas Hambo from Namibia message


I’m having a Mitsubishi lancer that I’m currently driving and this car is from Japan and it’s very comfortable car, parts are available in Namibia, and i think I’m the right candidate to be chosen,because I have advertised your cars and brand through social media, i shared it on various social media, and please open a branch in Namibia, then i can sell for you your nice cars, and thanks to include me in this fabulous competition and this is highly appreciated, the Japanese cars are very cheap, and very light on fuel usage, the parts are also available country wide and their prices are reasonable enough, i like Japanese cars, because this is my first car that i bought from Jan Japan cars in Windhoek, Namibia, your promotional package is also reasonable enough, i like cars from Japan, because even if you buy a second hand car it is still new here in Namibia, I’m glad to have go through your web site, I’m already a member I’m getting up dates from Japan cars, I am the right candidate I will even mobilize Namibians to buy from Japan cars, thanks once again for putting trust in me and select me as one of the contestants, I thank you looking forward to hear from you at any given time,
Kind regards
Jonas Hambo

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