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John Mungai Mwangi from Kenya message

John Mungai Mwangi from Kenya message
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Dear Car from Japan,
Thank you for opening up this competition and allowing all people a chance to own a car irrespective of the social or financial status.
Personally I feel like I already have won by you just giving me the opportunity to participate in the competition.
I came to learn about the competition from Facebook when saw pictures of my Facebook friend with a car he won: I was exhilarated. I couldn’t believe at first but after seeing the pictures on your website, that cleared all doubts.
Kenya and Japan are great friends and especially in matters of trade. Recently we had a conference in Nairobi and things just got better with Japan promising to give Kenya and Africa financial assistance to fund development projects. Kenya imports cars from Japan and they are admirable from their looks to their great performance and efficiency on the roads.
From heavy plant machinery to commercial vehicles to racing cars, Japanese brands always stand out from the rest.
Their advantages over others are more than we could count.
I’d love to own a car from Japan because it would be really useful in the poultry business I am working so had to start. I would like a car that will help move my eggs or chickens to the market and at the same time a car that will take my family to places and look presentable. I believe Japan is the place to get a car that will not cost much to maintain because the parts are readily available in the country, it is fuel efficient, strong to withstand Kenyan roads, safe and easy to drive and environment-friendly.
My favorite is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. I like its speed and stability, not to mention its strong engine and ease of customization. I’ve watched it win races all over the world and even here in Kenya.
I truly thank you and I really hope that I will be one of the Lucky winners in this competition.
I look forward to us getting to know each other more as we interact and eventually meet at the car handing over after I win.

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