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job from Kenya message

job from Kenya message
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I want to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for holding a competition where winners are expected to be awarded free cars and coupon vouchers. Basically, you have made your clients and participants proud on top of your excellent selling services and discounts. You have become one in a million, number two next to none for being exemplary to the rest of the car dealers from Japan and the world over.

From my point of view and from my utmost good faith, this competition is basically a social responsibility affair on the global class. Subsequent and like competitions will promote the sales of the company by far and also the public image will be well painted in the global arena in the car dealership world. Since from my simple research, I have discovered that the competition wasn’t only for few selected countries but all. Besides that, a good number of people have turned up for same indicating that now and again we shall be keeping an eye on the website for any upcoming contests and referring customers to your favorite site. More prosperity will come by coming up with often similar contests .

Being a logistics partner, I feel to be given the winning opportunity because I shall be able to market the company to my customers whom I usually import for to our country. Besides that, I can refer my friend’s friends to do refer their friends and at long last, the company will stand a good chance of being well marketed in the African continent especially east Africa. East Africa generally loves Japanese Toyota cars simply because of accessibility of spare parts and fuel consumption.

An award speaks well when you are the winner. That means I will entirely be marketing for the CAR FROM JAPAN company in our country. Should you also appoint me as your sole representative in East Africa especially Kenya, I shall be grateful in the execution of any extra assignment that can be given to me?. I shall execute same with the wholeness of my ability without compromising quality . Today’s world without branding and rebranding and improvising new marketing and digital strategies, a company can be backward hence thrown out of business by strong existing companies who have already gained the ground. I greatly feel that the reason of you marketing or giving away some rewards is to be famous in the international fora hence boosting your sales.

Car from Japan as a company, isn’t popular with the east Africans market, as compared to SBT, BEFORWARD among others. Your enthusiasm and determination of using modern technology, customer service outstanding what the competitors are giving, favorable prices among other marketing techniques, then you will outsmart them. Either, it might be that most of the renowned companies as said before, came into business earlier than yourselves, hence this should give you a good chance of proving your selling efforts in the market.

On the other hand, new customers to the world of cars my advice stands. New or Used? This is the question many people ask themselves when they decide to purchase a new vehicle. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages but a new car is the better selection. Have you bought from A CAR FROM JAPAN? Then your mind should rest here. Their units are wow and awesome. A new car brings extreme satisfaction, reliability, lower costs, and most of all pride. These are all things that cannot be gained from a used automobile. At first, a used car may seem like it is cheaper and more satisfying, but this is not true.

The initial price of a new car is always going to be more than a used, but that
does not necessarily mean it is cheaper. Car dealerships everywhere are always advertising Sixty months no interest or no Payments for 2 years, on new cars. This is usually unheard of when considering a used car. Banks also offer significantly better interest rates when financing a new car as opposed to a used. In some cases, the interest difference is only a percent or two, but in the long run this is a big difference. On the other hand, the initial cost of a used car is much cheaper, but if you are financing it then the price gets closer to that of a new one, due to the difference in financing options. It may seem that the used car is a better deal, but that may not necessarily be the case. In case where you are on the cross roads, CAR FROM JAPAN gives the best advice on which car to buy and will give the best option for you.

  Reliability and maintenance cost of an automobile are also big factors in

owning a vehicle. Nobody wants to buy a new car and have to think about major problems. Used cars are usually sold, meaning that it has no warranty. New vehicles on the other hand do have warranties, which are usually valid for three and in some cases up to ten years, to take away the headache of having to worry about paying very costly mechanic bills or having to be without a car. People who trade in their car usually do this because it has problems or a lot of miles and when you buy this car it becomes your problem. Again, the new car is the better choice especially from A CAR FROM JAPAN

I feel greatly honored for giving me to have a change to be among the award competitors for this competition. should you require more info on the marketing strategies employed by the giant companies, I shall advise without prejudice to give the true picture of what it is here and globally from my point of view. Thanks a lot as you peruse over my dear views for you.

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