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JeropToroitich from Kenya message

JeropToroitich from Kenya message
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Dear Car from Japan,

I am delighted to get this opportunity to give my feed back on cars from Japan. I live in a country which without these cars mode of transport could have been the accent transport. Japan cars have made the country people access these cars at a reasonable prices thus enabling the transport system more efficient which intern boost the economic activity and Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country in general
The transport history of the country was use of animals i.e Donkeys and cows, these was the slowest mode of transport because not every family had these animals. The only modest transport at that time was railway which was only accessed on specific towns which means someone had to use the other means before boarding a train.
Thanks to cars from Japan the mortality rate have been suppressed. Most of the people used to die before reaching the hospitals owing to the fact that the hospitals were far and there was no means of transport or the available transport was slow.
With the availability of Japan vehicle even low income earners can afford to have a vehicle which improves the quality of life since people can access medical services easily and faster. People can do business on transportation.With good transport farmers can plant their product (both cash crops and domestic crops) comfortable knowing that they can access the market and sell their products or get the raw material easily.
The government Gross domestic product (GDP) is improved through access to farm products that are produced by locals and in turn improved quality of life to its members.
With all these good that happened to my country most of it was because we could access cars from Japan at affordable cost thus pushing the government to ensure that there are accessible roads which in turned improved production, access to markets and even exportation of fresh farm products thus improving quality of life and reduced the mortality rate in the country.
Tourist attraction is one of the source of revenue in our country. we could not have accessed these beautiful places were it not for Cars from Japan.

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