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Jeronimo Simon from Tanzania message

Jeronimo Simon from Tanzania message
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I am very glad to join this competition and there is no doubt it is free and fair competition. there is no doubt that cars from japan have gained the trust in many African countries particularly in my country, Tanzania. Cars fro japan are made in accordance to the infrastructure of developed and developing countries. honestly speaking i never owned a car but owning a car is one of my life-long dream. And when i think of a car i think of a car from japan because they are the most trusted cars in many African countries including my country Tanzania. I used to hear many people talking about how good cars from japan are.
Car from japan can guarantee a life-long. therefore even a Japanese used car can operate just as a brand new one. I used to accompany my uncle to the show room. he was going to buy a Japanese used car and a car looked like a new one. therefore i can advice someone that buying a Japanese used car is not taking risk but it is just a guarantee. all in all cars from japan are our roads’ friend.
It will be great honor and a dream-come-true for me to become a brand ambassador of this great company, that is , CAR FROM JAPAN CO,LTD and its sponsors.
If i become a winner i will make sure i work hard to do what i will b supposed to do in order to maintain the good image of the company and even improve more. I am confident that i will be a good and impressive ambassador and a representative for our sponsors. I will be a good team worker and knowledge-hungry ready to face all challenges and create alternatives and initiatives all in all in order to represent well the company and its sponsors. I will be grateful to here from you soon. I introduce my acknowledgement. Go car from japan

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