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Jennifer Koinante Kitarpei from Kenya message

Jennifer Koinante Kitarpei from Kenya message
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Dear Lan,
I am very happy and grateful to have come across this competition regarding CAR FROM JAPAN. I come from a masai tribe of Kenya who live in dry, rocky and mountainous region that is yet to feel the fruits of our post independence government in terms of infrastructure. I am one of those few women drivers in the community and they are always amused watching me struggle with my small Toyota corolla car. I run a lot of development initiatives in my community through my NGO and am now vying for a political seat. If I win this car, you will not only fulfill my personal dream but that of many members of my people who will benefit from the Toyota land cruiser roaming through our wild terrains. I bet many others will want to buy it when they see how great it is and that way I will be your sale representative within this region and beyond . Japan cars are the strongest, most available including the availability of spares and other accessories in my country Kenya as well as the the rest of East Africa. It will therefore be an interesting and exciting competition and campaign for me.
I look forward to seeing the end of this competition/ campaign and be the first winner. Then it shall be great joy with real happiness and big celebration in my entire family, friends and community.
Yours faithful,
Jennifer Koinante kitarpei
Yiaku laikipia trust
Po box 155 – 10400

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