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Jefranne Richardson from St. Vincent message

Jefranne Richardson from St. Vincent message
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I think I should be picked because : I visit Japanese used car web site all the time longing for the day I would get the money to buy one. It would also be a great asset to me because it’s hard for me to leave my soon to be wife and family to head home at nights after church because I live very far from the church so but I would like to know she get home before me… Also I’m a vehicle lover I love vehicles as I love my wonderful wife to be.. Receiving a car from Japan will mean the world to me… And I just recently got me certificate in electrical installation and it would help me to get around easy looking for houses to wire and I make my way to starting my own business …and will be greatly needed for my family that me and my wife to be plans to start. I can go on and on about things as to why I should win but then I don’t want to give a sad story as to why I should win… Thanks for considering me 🙂 💚💜❤

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