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Jeandry Brito from Aruba message

Jeandry Brito from Aruba message
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I am really excited to be able to participate and be part of this unbelievable campaign.
I will be happy to be one of the few to represent our beloved island of Aruba, with rapidly growing love for JDM cars, we are constantly buying Japanese used cars. I too have bought me a RHD JDM car. Since then i have been completly in love with my AWD Subaru Legacy B4 2005. My love for JDM and Subaru grew when I bought this car. The quality. The smoothness. The joy. Thanks to this car i really got intereseted in Subaru’s and learned all about the WRX’s and STI’s the incredible center gravity of the boxer engine and not to mention the pure symetrical-AWD. So i can go on and on about my love for JDM and Subaru, i might add that if i win and i cannot get or that there is no Subaru WRX STI’s i would like to take another Legacy B4 2008 or up if that is possible.
I think it will be a great oppurtunity if CAR FROM JAPAN choose me as a winner to show the island Aruba about car import and to get your name out there. Currently we are getting cars only from be forward . Jp
It will be nice to have more options and diferent cars and prices to chose from.
I would like to thank you in sdvance for doibg this and wish you all good luck an succes! Cheers!
Jeandry Brito,

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