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Jean Paul Uwilingiyimana from Rwanda message


How I think about CAR FROM JAPAN
Car from Japan are good cars in terms of functionning, affordability and maintainance. When someone buys a car from Japan,He’s sure he will get spares parts for replacements in case they are needed and for affordable price. In my country people prefer buy cars with marks from Japan like Toyota which is the most used car mark in my country and mechanical technicians are experienced in such cars so that if my car gets any problem I know it will be solved by an experienced technician without waiting for long time. I have been using a car from Japan since 2009 and until now, it s still in good condition. So, if i am selected as a winner, I will contribute to the marketting of cars from Japan and why not to be your loc representative so as to increase the selling of cars from Japan on the car market of my country. I will make advocay and marketting with sharing my experience in terms of usage of cars from Japan. I already started sharing links given to my friends through different social networks and through e-mail. I think this will contribute to the awareness of cars from Japan. Let us wait and see what we will come up with. Thank you for your kindness and serious consideration.

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