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Jared O. Moseti from Kenya message

Jared O. Moseti from Kenya message
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The large percentage of the cars on the Kenyan roads are cars from Japan who are the major trading partners for their quality and standard suppliers, no wonder Kenya is hosting the 6th Tokyo International Conference of African Development Nairobi. This is the first conference of such kind in Africa.
Cars from Japan are designed in such manner that they are compatible with the Kenyan roads and the climate. If you survey the movement of car in Nairobi you will discover that 95% of the car used in Nairobi are cars from Japan. That is why the policy of THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU IS A TOYOTA.
Cars from Japan are consumers friendly interns of the costs. The cost per unit for the same are relatively cheap compared to other suppliers. Even the cost of their spares are easily available and affordable.

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