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Janice Johnny from Zimbabwe message

Janice Johnny from Zimbabwe message
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You should pick me as your winner coz i will be a very good brand ambassador for your vehicles in Zimbabwe. I have entered your competitions that you have annually and only last year did i win one of the fourth prizes. This year i will win one of the cars. I am a single mother with three kids – two teenagers and a 7yr old. Currently we have an elgrand automatic which is very ideal for us only the fuel is killing us. We love our car/bus and we have had it since 2013 and would not want o change it for anything smaller lol. When i win this competition I am winning a BMW X5 which is still big enough for me and the kids to travel in. Our elgrand is so spacey. I have seen lots of cars from japan in our country and i can see you are getting a lot of business from zimbabwe. I will allow u to brand my winning car if you want and i will allow u to take pictures of me with my car. The good thing about your cars is that they are made for our country and for our roads so there will be no need to change anything. Your accessories are good value for money as well.

I really like CAR FROM JAPAN and i am on your website almost daily seeing the specials u offer and all the nice cars u have. You guys are the only car dealers that hold competitions and give the cars for real. Others dealerships must make weak promises. Your prices are good and the extras that come with them are well enjoyed.

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