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Jane Maingi from Kenya message

Jane Maingi from Kenya message
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Allow me to thank you to value what i have to say about cars from Japan.

Why pick me as the winner? God on my side this will be my first car in life and i just love Japan cars.You also will remain my future shopping market.

Myself i do not own a car and i would love your blessing.We do not have company/s who value or are dedicated to give back to society or customers like Japan car organization is doing.
You are special and outstandingly best.
Day or Night i will still pick you out of the world.
As for Japanese used cars is the best thought you have ever done.
We are differently blessed and not all people can afford cars from show rooms neither have the capacity to manufacture their own like you do.
This empowers African & other countries not to mention grows your revenue yearly.Also clearing the old stock elevates you with the new innovations and steers room for more international market growth.
Have you ever thought of having a plant in Kenya/other countries for new assembling even to sale the used cars.This will cut the cost for the customers and even make them more affordable ?
I am greatly honored for the opportunity offered to give a word on this.

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