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jane kingoo from Kenya message

jane kingoo from Kenya message
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I am very pleased to be part of this wonderful amaizing competition .I love fancy cars that includes subaru ,rangerover sports ,convertables etc .Have always wanted to someday own a car and that has been my dream .Car from japan thank you for such an amaizing idea you came up with to help young generation achieve their goals in owning an automatic machine from japan .Am positive i will get a car i must have it and i know everything is possible with God all is pissible .Car from japan it will be a great honour if you make me win a subaru as from my choice above because in my family we never had one .I used to envy my cousins since becahse they owned one or two from japan and my friends but my family never got to that level .It would really make me happy if car from japan grants me this opportunity to showmy mother and father wherever they are my their souls rest in peace that i made it to that extend of owning a super fast car .I dream cars each day fastest cars, i love cars and this is a great chance for me to own one please make me a winner please..
I have gone through the types of machines you have i must say great job done ..fantastic job it has helped alot if people wanting to buy cars from outside boarders so many japan made vehicles in kenya they are superb ,automatic ,with passenger airbags ,locks ,i love radio stareo with a cd player and most of it a screen to view while reversing very clear .i loved it i saw it from a friend .God is with meluck is on my side ,i was browsing i came across your page and immediately i signed up so please make me win this .Thank you so much ,God bless your work of your hands and lets build the nation and make it a comfortable place for many of us .

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