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James Marealle from Tanzania message

James Marealle from Tanzania message
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Hello Car From Japan Team,

My name Is James Boka Marealle an entrepreneur from Tanzania. I’m a professional photographer,editor of Arusha Times Magazine and marketing manager at Boka Entertainment Group.

My love for cars started since I was 12 years old. Since I was young It has always being my dream to own a car. My dream car is a one popular car Toyota.

Car from Japan is improving the life standard of many people in many African countries.In most African countries people couldn’t afford to buy cars years ago but, thanks to Car From Japan they provide cheap and affordable vehicles,in which many people are driving quality and durable cars at giveaway prices. I’ve been a fan of Car From Japan and i always update myself on cars available on your stock list hoping to get one for myself, when i get an opportunity.

I believe i will win because, I have appointed myself as a Car From Japan agent advising people about how to get a car from Car From Japan Website. I advise customers on Free on Board(FOB),Cost, insurance and freight (CIF) and how to calculate shipping charges because some con men swindle clients more especially young ladies are always cheated.What these con men do is to calculate the total Cost, insurance and freight (CIF) with customer and agree and given the money but instead the conman would go back to calculate without inspection and insurance defrauding an innocent customer.At least some customers have come to appreciate my service on behalf of Car From Japan.Fraud is not good in business.I understand procedures so I give advises freely.Together let us not give con men a chance.

If I win, I will continue working hard to market Car From Japan. I will stick a Car From Japan sticker at the back of my car, Writing Articles which this can also be used for marketing purposes to increase sales at Car From Japan Co., Ltd.

Thank you Car From Japan Team

May God Bless You For Providing This Opportunity.

With Kinds Regards

James Boka Marealle.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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