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James Halinga from Thailand message

James Halinga from Thailand message
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Its my hope that you are fine and you are proceeding with your work as usual. You should pick me as a winner because:- firstly, I love products from Japan especially cars although I don’t have any of them this is due to the fact that am living in poor life I don’t have money to buy those cars, secondary, I have tried to advertise cars from Japan in my social networks as I can, Thirdly, when I will be a winner as other people will be encouraged to use cars from Japan by seeing me using my car. Fourthly, Iam a student who is very much interested in cars from Japan hence when I will be a winner this will make my university classmates buy cars from Japan when they will see me having mine, also I f I will not be a winner I will not stop to tell other people about how beautiful is to buy car from Japan, I will make sure car from Japan Japan be the most selling cars in my country as I will be a good representative(sponsor).

Also I think that Japan’s cars are very strong (long last) compared to cars from other countries. Also shipping cars from Japan to my country is very easy comparing shipping from other countries, cars from Japan are very good in fuel consumption they don’t use more fuel compared to cars from other countries, Also Car from Japan is a true free giving car campaign as those who will be the winners will be given their cars without any problem, not only that but also when you buy car from Japan the bonus is very huge comparing to other countries.

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