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Jackson Kammayani from Malawi message

Jackson Kammayani from Malawi message
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Car from Japan is a big relief to many families and individuals in Malawi and Africa as a whole. It provides not only a cheap alternative to own a car but also not just a car but a reliable car. This is so because not only are the cars affordable but the cars are well serviced before being delivered thus making them very reliable. The owner can go a long distance without servicing the car. Even when the servicing is due, the parts needed to change are easily available; in comparison with cars from other countries which are more expensive and are difficult to maintain. With these other cars not only do they come not well serviced but when you want to service them, spare parts are not readily available. You have to order the parts from outside the country and wait for four weeks before servicing the car.
The other alternative which local people have is to buy from the local car dealers, however these are so expensive that only companies and the very rich of the society can afford to buy from the.
I think I should be picked as a winner because I am more than prepared to help market Car from Japan. Your company has done a lot of online marketing but it is high time Car from Japan moved to physical marketing with local ambassadors. I am prepared to be one of those ambassadors who will spread the good message of Car from Japan everywhere I travel in Malawi. By winning, this would be improve visibility of the company; Car from Japan in Malawi and each time one thinks of buying a car they will think of Car from Japan. Winners should be people who are well networked and do a lot of travelling around the country and i am one of those types of people. As I travel and meet business partners, friends and relatives, the talk will always be car from Japan.
Cars are no longer a luxury in Malawi let alone Africa. People have come to fully realize that time is money. Meaning that the time they waste waiting for unreliable public transport is wasted money. The time they waste in frequently stopping public transport is also valuable money lost. So owning a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity if one is to be successful in their business or in their profession.

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