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jackline rems from Tanzania message

jackline rems from Tanzania message
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First of all my name is JACKLINE REMS from TANZANIA AFRICA. Currently am a student from university of Dar es salaam
Secondly I would like to thankyou “CAR FROM JAPAN” for bringing up this contest so that everyone could see how you guys doing your works. It has been a while since I ave known this company though am not owning a car,but I have been check through your website and general I appreciate your work. Your the best “CAR FROM JAPAN”
CAR FROM JAPAN is the best company for selling and also shipping them. When I heard about tho contest I was so excited to participate in.
Sincerely I Av never own a car, but I was always wishing to have one. I know in a competition there are two things involved either winning or losing, and actually am not here to lose,so I will do all I can so as to be the best winner
I wished to work with your company to show the world how your works are… But am hope by participanting this way I will share all you have so that the whole world sees what “CAR FROM JAPAN” are capable of.
Once again thankyou for this opportunity and hopefully I become the winner
Also Thank you so much for this competition from CAR FROM JAPAN this shows how much you guys are working hard to achieve your goal’s.
I would like to ask if this could be the promotion of each year so as people could know much more about your company

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