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Izelene from Namibia message

Izelene from Namibia message
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Dear Lan,
First of all I thank you for giving this opportunity, for making people to have more hope, and make them to reach their dreams.
I learnt that you cannot give up, when you are about to do something. Because I always believe that one day soon or later I will Win a car, some people do not believe but I do and if I win it will support me specially to go to College, helping my brothers and sisters from the church and so on I will promote even more the company, because I used to send people who wants to buy car in Jan Japan . Car from Japan have good conditions, qualities, are been sold in affordable price and save fuel, I could notice that many people prefer cars from Japan, and they are making the right choice, I never heard anyone complaining about the company, just the opposite , I always hear good things, there are cars with different brands, colours and perfect for anyone choice and preferences.

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