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Itaaka from Kiribati message

Itaaka from Kiribati message
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I am glad to offer great assistance from where I live as in Kiribati, a developing country which comes across global warming and climate change effects. Nowadays here we have massive donations from developed countries as one of them is Japan funding the rehabilitation of the causeway. It is a great thanks for Japan to offer such a great deal as our only causeway joining Bairiki to Betio is a disaster nowadays. Now that we have the new roads from the airport all the way to Bairiki and Betio I realise that people here are starting to buys cars now for the greater benefits of New roads. I offer my great assistance if you could grant me as your agent from here so I can advertise through the radio and newspapers of the easiest way to buy new cars from Japan.

Buying cars here is easy for people as the ANZ bank offer loans to civil workers, private businesses and companies and individuals with earnings of $3,000.00.

I would like to offer assistance and I would be very greatfull if you could allow me. Thanks for the opportunity if granted from you and your company.

Yours Sincerely,
Itaaka Namai

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